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Dotout Jacket Grevil a

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Grevil a is the garment that, thanks to its ergonomics, warmth and technology, is able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding consumers. The characteristics of the garment and the comfortable fit make it suitable for new generation cycling, in particular for gravel. Grevil represents an extraordinary combination of technology and style. It is made with the particular Dot Sandwich structure, coupling the Dot Air & Water Block Light fabric on the outside for protection from air and water, with the exclusive Polartec® Alpha® fabric on the inside. Fabric developed in collaboration with the US special forces, it ensures high performances in terms of breathability, thermal protection and quick drying. The two fabrics thus assembled introduce the new concept of "active protection" of the garment, i.e. maximum control of the thermal protection/body moisture disposal ratio, thus avoiding the "shiver" effect during descents or less active phases. Furthermore, Polartec® Alpha®, being a wadding structured with a particular mesh, is used in a "Direct" way without lining, ensuring the garment is light and compressible. Polartec® fabrics guarantee the performance for which they are required throughout the life cycle of the garment. been made.

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